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Besides being an active musician, I am also a passionate student of humanities and have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Iranian Studies (B.A.) as well as a Master of Arts degree in Religion and Culture (M.A.)

It has always been my dream to unite both of my fields of interest – music and historical and cultural studies – and to contribute to a thus nearly untouched field of research. Currently I am a PhD student in the artistic research program ( at the University of Music and Theater in Hamburg, writing on the topic of Re-Orientalism in music - the theory of Re-Orientalism and contemporary Iranian composers of the „Iranian Female Composers Association “(IFCA) for which I also work on developing innovative concert programs in this area under the artistic supervision of Daniel Barenboim.

Re-orientalism in music

The re-orientalism theory among contemporary Iranian female composers of the "Iranian Female Composers Association" (IFCA)


Mentoring HfMT Leipzig

I pass along my artistic and scientific experience to students of the University of Music and Theater in Leipzig by becoming a mentor in the Mentoring Arts Program, which prepares future musicians for a career in the field of music. I approach this with great responsibility, developing tailor-made career plans through personal conversations and offering advice for time-management techniques in order to make possible a smooth transition into working life after completing university studies. 

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